V1 or V2

Singularity V1 began as an initiative focused on onboarding a substantial volume of public datasets to Filecoin. Its success and efficacy transformed it into the most sought-after data onboarding tool within the Filecoin ecosystem.

As we transition into the new era, Singularity V2 emerges. While it retains the foundational strengths of V1, V2 is an entirely reimagined implementation, boasting both feature parity with V1 and the addition of groundbreaking capabilities.

A Brief Comparison

FeatureSingularity V1Singularity V2


nodejs + golang



npm install

go install

Local FS data source

Remote data source

Public S3 bucket

40+ integrations

Upload / Push new file

Inline Preparation

Maintain Dataset hierarchy

CAR download

File download

Deal making scheduler

Deal making self service

Zero external dependency

Wallet management

Remote signer


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