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singularity prep - Create and manage dataset preparations
singularity prep command [command options] [arguments...]
create Create a new preparation
list List all preparations
status Get the preparation job status of a preparation
rename Rename a preparation
attach-source Attach a source storage to a preparation
attach-output Attach a output storage to a preparation
detach-output Detach a output storage to a preparation
start-scan Start scanning of the source storage
pause-scan Pause a scanning job
start-pack Start / Restart all pack jobs or a specific one
pause-pack Pause all pack jobs or a specific one
start-daggen Start a DAG generation that creates a snapshot of all folder structures
pause-daggen Pause a DAG generation job
list-pieces List all generated pieces for a preparation
add-piece Manually add piece info to a preparation. This is useful for pieces prepared by external tools.
explore Explore prepared source by path
attach-wallet Attach a wallet to a preparation
list-wallets List attached wallets with a preparation
detach-wallet Detach a wallet to a preparation
remove Remove a preparation
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command
--help, -h show help
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