Database is locked

When using Singularity with its default database backend (SQLite3), you might encounter the "Database is locked" error message.

Why Does This Happen?

SQLite3 operates by using a file as its database. Every time a write operation is made, SQLite3 locks this file. If multiple write operations are attempted concurrently, the "Database is locked" error surfaces.

What Should You Do?

  • Automatic Retry: Singularity is designed to automatically retry operations that produce this error. Therefore, in many instances, you can safely ignore this error message.

  • Software Hang: If you believe Singularity has become unresponsive due to this error, please report it as a bug.

Production Recommendations

SQLite is suitable for development or light workloads, but it's not recommended for Production environments. For guidance on deploying Singularity in a Production environment with a more robust database backend, refer to the Deploy to Production guide.

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