Content Provider

   singularity run content-provider - Start a content provider that serves retrieval requests

   singularity run content-provider [command options]

   --help, -h  show help

   Bitswap Retrieval

   --enable-bitswap                                 Enable bitswap retrieval (default: false)
   --libp2p-identity-key value                      The base64 encoded private key for libp2p peer (default: AutoGenerated)
   --libp2p-listen value [ --libp2p-listen value ]  Addresses to listen on for libp2p connections

   HTTP Piece Metadata Retrieval

   --enable-http-piece-metadata  Enable HTTP Piece Metadata, this is to be used with the download server (default: true)

   HTTP Piece Retrieval

   --enable-http-piece, --enable-http  Enable HTTP Piece retrieval (default: true)

   HTTP Retrieval

   --http-bind value  Address to bind the HTTP server to (default: "")

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