singularity - A tool for large-scale clients with PB-scale data onboarding to Filecoin network

   singularity [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   Database Backend Support:
     Singularity supports multiple database backend: sqlite3, postgres, mysql5.7+
     Use '--database-connection-string' or $DATABASE_CONNECTION_STRING to specify the database connection string.
       Example for postgres  - postgres://
       Example for mysql     - mysql://user:pass@tcp(localhost:3306)/dbname?parseTime=true
       Example for sqlite3   - sqlite:/absolute/path/to/database.db
                   or        - sqlite:relative/path/to/database.db

   Network Support:
     Default settings in Singularity are for Mainnet. You may set below environment values for other network:
       For Calibration network:
         * Set LOTUS_API to
         * Set MARKET_DEAL_URL to
         * Set LOTUS_TEST to 1
       For all other networks:
         * Set LOTUS_API to your network's Lotus API endpoint
         * Set MARKET_DEAL_URL to empty string
         * Set LOTUS_TEST to 0 or 1 based on whether the network address starts with 'f' or 't'
       Switching between different networks with the same database instance is not recommended.

     Singularity uses go-log for logging and can be controlled by below environment variables:
       * GOLOG_LOG_LEVEL  - example values: debug, info, warn, error, dpanic, panic, fatal
       * GOLOG_LOG_FMT    - example values: color, nocolor, json
       * More details can be found at

     Within each minor version upgrade, use "singularity admin init" to upgrade the database schema.
     For major version upgrade, please refer to the release notes for upgrade instructions.

   version, v  Print version information
   help, h     Shows a list of commands or help for one command
     run  run different singularity components
     admin    Admin commands
     deal     Replication / Deal making management
     wallet   Wallet management
     storage  Create and manage storage system connections
     prep     Create and manage dataset preparations
     ez-prep      Prepare a dataset from a local path
     download     Download a CAR file from the metadata API
     extract-car  Extract folders or files from a folder of CAR files to a local directory

   --database-connection-string value  Connection string to the database (default: sqlite:./singularity.db) [$DATABASE_CONNECTION_STRING]
   --help, -h                          show help
   --json                              Enable JSON output (default: false)
   --verbose                           Enable verbose output. This will print more columns for the result as well as full error trace (default: false)


   --lotus-api value    Lotus RPC API endpoint (default: "") [$LOTUS_API]
   --lotus-test         Whether the runtime environment is using Testnet. (default: false) [$LOTUS_TEST]
   --lotus-token value  Lotus RPC API token [$LOTUS_TOKEN]

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