Deploy to production

Singularity uses sqlite3 as its default database backend due to its ease of setup. However, when transitioning to a production environment, especially if you're planning to use multiple workers or intend to serve retrievals behind a load balancer, it's recommended to switch to a more robust database backend. You can configure the backend by setting the $DATABASE_CONNECTION_STRING environment variable.

Supported Database Backends

  • PostgreSQL: Connection String Example: postgres://

  • MySQL: Connection String Example: mysql://user:pass@tcp(localhost:3306)/dbname?parseTime=true

Using Docker Compose for Deployment

If you'd like to quickly deploy Singularity along with a PostgreSQL backend, consider using the provided Docker Compose template:

docker-compose up

Executing the above commands will set up a PostgreSQL database and launch the necessary Singularity services, including the API and a dataset worker.

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